Thank you for visiting my site and viewing my paintings. I was born in Darwen, Lancashire, part of the post war baby boom. I have lived in Glastonbury, Somerset for the last 25 years. I gained my degree in fine art at Preston Polytechnic (now the University of Central Lancashire).

I began painting again recently - the long break seems to have cleansed my palette of 'overtly painterly concerns' - and I now just paint the sort of pictures that satisfy me. None of my paintings are autobiographical, but they do explore the past and memory. As I get older I am preoccupied with memories and how those memories are so tangled with the common cultural references of my childhood - the comics I read, the films I saw the television I watched. I'm fascinated by half remembered tastes, smells, people, shared experiences, the strangeness of the grown up world. I like to use bold colours - like the covers of my old comic annuals, large areas of flat colour with strong lines to define shape and weight, like the characters in the Beano, Topper and the Eagle. I use similar techniques in my portrait work - people as we remember them as much as how they outwardly appear. Most paintings are for sale, as an original canvas, or as a limited edition giclee prints.

Please keep looking, I'm investigating older and older memories all the time...

Frank Harwood

'The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.' L.P. Hartley - The Go-Between.


For enquiries and commissions, please email Frank Harwood.